Разговор с корисником:Иван

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Hello everyone, I can contribute in Serbian or English language. You can leave me message here.
Поздрав свима. Овде ми можете оставити поруку.
--Иван (разговор) 20:15, 8. јун 2014. (CEST)


Hi Иван, welcome to the Serbian Pornopedia! :) Just noticed that you did some redirects on my user page :) Thanks, but I just wanted to add a link to the English Pornopedia in the "Други језици" section :) Cheers, --Till Kraemer (разговор) 16:58, 10. јун 2014. (CEST)

P.S.: I didn't even know that it is possible to make redirects between language versions! :) I learned something new today :) Thanks and cheers, --Till Kraemer (разговор) 17:01, 10. јун 2014. (CEST)